Cam-V P. from San Jose, CA

Copied from Yelp Reviews “Short story: Ben is very very skillful, experienced and talented. His price is humble – high $$$ quality for low $$ price. They use very high quality products, really care and reserve the hair long term health. The young ladies are so mellow, nice and polite. The salon has been fully remodeled and looks super clean. They provide refreshment! PS: Yelp says the salon is appointment only. We walked in just fine. Long story: I got excited after taking my mom and my little daughter here for hair cuts, gentle bleaching and recoloring. It’s like I have found a slick deal that I want to share with everyone and want to urge people to grab it. Ben is surely a smart and knowledgeable guy. He talked about building some customer care systems. Thus I have a good feeling about his attention on new hair trends and products. For so many years, I have been trying good hairdressers in Bay Area and Monterey area. I have tried Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese places (They have the right scissors and cutting skills for my Asian hair). I am not picky but I was not as satisfied as when I went to the hairdressers of my singer friends in Vietnam. I have tried multiple kinds of hair cuts, perming and coloring. I can tell the difference between a very good work and a regular good work. I have really wanted to try some famous ones in LA, yet not gotten chances. Looking at the tools and the techniques that Ben used to give my daughter a long layer haircut, I knew I didn’t need to go to LA any more. He used multiple tools including razor to get the best layer haircut I have seen in person. For my mom’s coloring, it was amazing to see the hair was shining, soft, silky and smelling good as if it had been an oil treatment, not bleaching and coloring! The color was really natural and elegant. They even massaged her head in washing. The best things to my mom were that there was no strong smell and the waiting time was short. I can tell Ben is amazing and a rare expert, also a generous service provider. I will just go to Ben Beauty salon and try everything at Ben’s place from now on. I look forward to coming back for digital perm.”