About us

To make a name for yourself; it is not only taking passion and creativity, it also needs eagerness, tenacity, and engaging in continuation education.

Ben was born into this world just for cutting, and making hair beauty. His endless passion after 30 years of dedication to the hair arts with his uniqueness talents and always thrives on customers satisfaction.

Holding two scissors in each hand to cut hair all-at-once is BEN distinctive talents and skilled technique.

Ben has created plentiful hairstyles for many satisfactory customers over the decade here in Northern CA. He constantly researches and unparalleled hungers for perfection. The visions at BEN Beauty Salon team are: attention to details, ability to anticipate, and willingness to go beyond. Our visionary has proven! Our loyalty clients return to the salon year-after-year and always leaving the salon with nothing but satisfying and the smile on clients’ face.


Don’t wait. Come over to experience one-of-a-kind four-scissors haircut, hair pampering treatment, hair transformation, and relish BEN Beauty Salon experience today!