17 Suggested Hair Styles

If you are among thousands of people experience hair thinning, your hair is falling rapidly, or your scalp is being noticeable.  You begin questioned: “Why is my hair so thin? I wish my hair was as thick and beautiful as Mrs. A’s, Ms. B’s, and Ms. C’s …and so on.”

No surgical procedures needed. With an appropriate hair style that will cover up your scalp and less hair won’t be a fear for you every time you see your hair.  Don’t be skeptical! Stop by BEN Beauty Salon in San Jose with these styles, it will help your hair look fuller.

  1. Bob hair combined perm

You’ll look so stylish and active in this style. The loose curl will give you a feeling of thicker hair. This bob haircut combined with loose curl is not only suitable for any classic hairstyle, but also suitable for those with wider faces. In today’s busy life, this hairstyle is even more convenient because you don’t have to spend time in the morning thinking how I wear my hair today.  Just using your finger and comb through the hair in the morning then you are done.

  1. Hair bob trimmed asymmetry combined perm

Many girls with thin hair told themselves, “I should stay away from short hairstyles”. However, there is a fact that you need to know that an asymmetrical bob hairstyle combined with a slight curl will be a perfect choice to have a hair bobbing like others. It only requires a little time to blow dry it in the morning to add the fluffiness/fullness and to lighten your hair.


3. Hair bob 

Horizontal bob hair is also an extremely useful option for those who are inferior with their few hairs. Bob hair has just created the feeling of thicker hair, creating a youthful dynamic spirit. Moreover, it does not take too much time to take care of hair.

 4. Bob with perm at the end

Curl bob hair is one of the trends that many girls love today because it is neat, dynamic, young, suitable for both square, round face, thick hair or thin hair.


5. Loose curly hair dye ombre

Loose waves are always an effective method of making your hair fluffier.  Adding the ombre hair colors will help your hair standout and more stylish. Some of the colors you can choose are: pink ombre, ombre red, chestnut brown ombre, or any colors of your choice. This is a hairstyle that requires a lot of skill and emperor techniques so you should make a good choice of salon for your hair transformation.


 6. Long hair with wave

If you love long hair, the wavy hairstyle will be a way to get rid of hair thinning. You know the curls will make your hair flutter just like everyone else. With this hairstyle, you need to regularly take care of, use some more moisturizing products and know how to dry your hair so that it always looks sharp, shiny, and healthy.

7. C hugged face style

C-type bending face hug makes the lines of hair look very natural and fluff. This hair is suitable for many different hair lengths from short horizontal chin to short shoulder length. 


8. Layer shoulders-length.

The shoulder-length hair cut into layers creates staggered layers that make the hair flutter more. Especially if you add a little bit of light curl, the hair will look more bulky and thicker. In addition, this hairstyle is also very effective in covering the shortcomings of the face because the hair is shaped neatly and bulging above and hug around the chin.

 9. Shoulder-width hair with beach waves


If you have a hair that is shoulder-length and quite fragile, the effective solution is to make waves. Depending on your preferences, you can also choose between big waves, small waves, long waves or short waves. If you are still worried that this hairstyle will make you grow old, just be sure to add a step to dye your hair in bright colors such as: reddish brown, reddish copper, and mossy gold to make sure you look very young and trendy. 

10. Hair perm shoulder-length with


This hairstyle combined with the bang is probably the most suitable hairstyle for the any one that is not processed the thick hair. Owning this hairstyle makes you look a lot younger. It will be even more impressive if you dye it with some colors such as: moss gold, chestnut brown, copper brown or silver gray. Don’t be alarm when other tells you that you are 10 years younger than your actual age after this style transformation.

 11. Lob Hair


If you don’t like your hair too short, or you don’t want to have your hair too long.  Lob haircut will suit you better. The length of the hair to shoulder length or slightly higher helps you retain the charm, the momentum makes it more floating. It will be more effective to choose how to trim the layer and then combine it with light curling. 

12. Pixie hair


Pixie hair not only helps you to stand out, personality, but also makes your hair thinning worries disappear. Do not be afraid that pixie hair will make you masculine. With soft hair lines, and thin out layer around the edge still make you look very charming. Moreover, with this neat hairstyle also helps show off your beautiful earrings and unique necklace. This hairstyle helps you save a lot of time when shampooing.  It is easy to care for, quick to dry and especially very easy to style.  Sometime, just a comb with your fingers it changed your hair into another style. 

13. Angled bob

This cut creates an asymmetric angle, followed by your hair having many accents and looks even thicker and fuller. 14. Shoulder hair Perhaps shoulder-length hair is the most ideal length because it is still long enough to curl and create other styles.  This classic haircut is very easy for hair care. Adding a few highlights to enhance around the face and increase beauty dimension when style. 

15. Long layer combined with bang


This long layer makes the hair soft and look thicker. It is best to gently curl a bit by mid-length down to add more volume the hair. 

16. Straight bob hair

The bob hair is really effective in hiding thin hair. Special a straight cut line makes it become more youthful, more dynamic, imagine that every time you turn left and right, your hair will also shake and kick up to impress. 

17. Thick bang

The thick bang will attract everyone gazes into the frontal hair, giving the impression that you have really thick hair. Not only that, this type of  bang cut will help you to age effectively, depending on the shape of the face that the bang will be adjusted accordingly.